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Market Mike LLC Rolls Out New Campaign To Fight Against Covid Pandemic

March 30th of 2020, we initiated a campaign to join the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The first portion of the campaign focuses on reducing bills within the household and businesses alike. This is a partnership created between Market Mike LLC and an Energy Company, whose name we must keep disclosed at this time. The program consists of entering bills into a system that uses it's energy connections to negotiate your monthly payments. The customer does not pay anything unless we can save them money.

This program helps Americans effected by Coronavirus in various ways. Households NEED to save money as much as they can at this time. Car loan companies have not issued any public statements about how they will deal with temporarily (or permanently) unemployed leasees and this could be a big problem if someone is already worrying about how to cover other bills such as phone bills, electricity, gas, etc. This program gives Americans the upper hand on their monthly expenses. Families laid off due to coronavirus are able to lower monthly expenses at this time which will definitely come in handy throughout the next 2 months when it's time to go shopping for the essentials again. Every month that the company saves you money on your bills we take up to 50% of your savings as payment and the rest is either mailed to you as a paper check or deposited into an account of your liking. This service has been provided for a couple of years as far as we know but there has never been a need for it like now.


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